DJ Kemi

Music has always been the first love of London born, Kemi. As a fearless DJ, Producer and Radio Presenter, she never fails to keep her crowd on their toes, always leaving them wanting more. Possessing adventurism and creative intuition, she likes to experiment with a wide range of house and underground sounds, both old and new.

Due to growing up in a very musical home, Kemi’s influences come from a broad spectrum of genres. As a result she is a skilled open format selector, capable of tailoring a set suitable for each individual occasion. Kemi can play all genres including house, pop, reggae, drum ‘n’ bass, jungle, soul, hip-hop r’n’b, jazz, chill out, rock, trap, grime, Afro-beats, reggaeton, indie and any other style the client may request.

You can read Kemi's full bio here - https://www.spin-sisters.co.uk/artists/dj-kemi

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