Drum & Bass or House Music Wedding!

These days people want to hire a Wedding DJ that can play more then bog standard wedding music, they want mixed House Music, Current Dance Music, Garage and or Drum & Bass for part of the wedding.

We at SpinSisters can do that for you, we are all nightclub DJs so we can mix and drop tunes like you would hear in a nightclub and we have some videos / mixes online to prove that.

This wedding was pretty epic, we played around 90 minutes of Funk, Disco, Soul, 80s and 90s classics then the last 90s minutes we played Drum & Bass, Dance music & House music. You can see in this video how much the crowd enjoyed it.

This wedding was very cool, they wanted a DJ who would play House Music and Drum n Bass all day. It was a great vibe and everyone danced day.

DJ mixes here



If you want a cool wedding DJ or a Funky Wedding DJ please check us out and get in touch via our website - https://www.spin-sisters.co.uk

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