Kiara WL

Kiara WL was born in sunny Rome, Italy, and moved to London to pursue her music career. She grew up listening to the old school R&B from the late 80s / early 90s - think Bobbi Brown, TLC, Brownstone, Donnel Jones, Lisa Stanfield, Soul II Soul, Drizabone - and loves the soul music from the 70s.

Her sets are an infusion between her vibrant personality and a curated music selection that blends house music and old classics, you can trust that she’s got all her heart into making the dancefloor come to life! Her sets include: funk, disco, soul, 80s and 90s funk and RnB, house, disco house, deep, garage and dance music.

You can read Kiara W full bio here - https://www.spin-sisters.co.uk/artists/kiara-wl

Mix soul and funk 70s 80s

Mix house

Mix R&B Old school

Mix Deep, soulful and Disco house

Mix UK garage

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