Music Planning!

Our tips on planning the music for ultimate wedding reception!

Our advice is to think carefully about the music you love and put the tracks into two categories. Category 1 – the music you dance to and Category 2 – the music you listen to. We recommend playing the music you listen to whilst having dinner (that's if you want music
played while you eat) and save the music you dance to for your wedding


When thinking of music you would like played its important to also think about your guests. For example you may not like the likes of “Justin Bieber or Little Mix or whoever ” but if you have young teenage guests at your reception you should also think about what you can
play to please them.  Or if you have guests that are generations older then you then you should also try and cater for them.


From our experience if the first hour of the wedding goes off with a bang then that will set the scene for the night. Everyone will just dance to everything that gets played. The young people will dance to the old peoples music and vice versa.


After the first dance, the first 4 tracks that get played are very important. It’s the difference between the party starting properly with everyone up dancing and getting excited about the
evening ahead or your guests deciding to go to the toilet, get a drink or go for a cigarette. Once the dance-floor is empty people get engrossed in drunk conversations and it can take time get them back on that dance-floor.


The first hour of the party is crucial to get right and after that we will be taking requests and reading the crowd to make sure everyone is having a great time.


Sometimes of-course you take a request and it’s the wrong tune for everyone else and you see the energy start to drop. We would notice this quickly and wouldn’t let that track play for too long.


If the dance-floor energy starts to flag we know what to do to get your friends and family back on that dance-floor. There are certain tunes that work EVERY TIME. Also playing tracks that the ladies LOVE always works too, our motto is get the women up dancing and the men will follow.


We recommend that you take a look at our Spotify playlists to give you some inspiration, see the link below. Ultimately it’s your wedding reception and we will play your requests.  We are also here to help and give you as much advice as you would like so please do not hesitate to ask.


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