Wedding Music Planning!

From my experience the best wedding receptions are the ones where you play a really good variety of music and take people on a musical journey through time.

When picking the songs for your wedding, for a busy dance-floor we really recommend picking songs that most people will know and love.

You should bare in mind we can play approximately 20 tracks an hour so thats 80 tracks for a 4 hour wedding. You can send us as many or as little requests as you like by creating a list and emailing it over to us or by creating on spotify and sharing the set list with us. Please do let us know any must play tunes because if the wedding runs late for any reason we might not have time to play every single request. Think about the speed of the tune, play it at home and see if that tune inspires you to dance? If it doesnt then maybe it shouldnt be in the dancing playlist of your wedding reception. If you are having music at your drinks reception add it to that list instead. Obviously there are some slower tracks that are epic and can be played in the dancing section as they make people come together and sing.

There are so many genres you can play at a wedding 60s, 70s, 80s, Funk, Disco, Soul, 80s crowd pleasers, Rock and Roll, Rock Bands, Indie, 90s pop, 90s RnB, Hip Hop, 00s Pop, Rap, Current Pop, Brit Pop, House, Garage & Drum and bass to name a few.

Think about the genres you really like and we can split the DJ set into sections depending on your taste. So a typical wedding might start with 60 mins of Funk, Disco, Soul & crowd pleasers. I think its always best to please the older generations first as they generally leave first or sit down earlier. Then you might do 60 mins of current pop, 00s pop and 90s pop. Then you could move into 30 mins of Bands and Indie and then the last 90 mins you might have 90s house, 00s electronic, club classics and maybe abit of Garage or Drum & Bass. This is obviously just an example.

No matter how much you may love one particular style of music you cannot play 4 hours of the same genre at a wedding, trust me I have done it several times in my early DJ career and it does not work. You have to to mix it up. We will always be reading the crowd and we can tell when its time to move onto the next section of music.  In my early DJ career I did a wedding where the client sent me a really specific playlist of mainly band music. I learnt on that night that no-one wants to listen to band music for 4 hours. At one point I went over to the client and said I felt like the energy was really low (there were about 5 people on the dance floor) and could I switch up the playlist abit to which she replied "no please stick to my playlist" it was one of the most soul destroying gigs of my life. I think I actually cried when I got home that night LOL. But I learnt on that night that I needed to advise my clients better in the consultation stage of the booking process. We will always have a rough plan in place but if on the night one of the genres clearly isnt working for the crowd we will move onto the next genre quicker then planned, also if one of the genres is going particularly well we might play that section for abit longer then originally planned.

Obviously there are exceptions. I did a small wedding of about 40 people who all loved house music and we played house music all night and it was epic. But I would have to say this scenario is rare.

My advice to you would be to think about how many people you have coming to the wedding and the bigger the amount of people coming the more variety you will generally need to try and please everyone and not just have you and your bridemaids on the dancefloor. You need to think about the ages of the people in the room and you need to play tunes for the ladies and tunes for the boys. Most people will want to hear a mixture of old songs that remind them of their youth or childhood aswell as some of the more current stuff. Dance music for the right crowd can also go down really well at a wedding as that definitely gives the wedding abit of a cooler edge that your guests wont forget. Its also great to play tunes that are maybe abit unexpected but epic, use your imagination :) 

Please obviously let us know if there are any particular artists, genres or songs that you definitely do not want played but also be open minded. I did a wedding recently where I DJ'ed for a good friend of mine and he said to me "absolutely no Whitney Houston" I told him bluntly that anything by Whitney at a wedding is a winner and I proved that to him on the night :) You would be amazed how even your coolest of friends will get down at a wedding to tunes that they would never usually listen to in their day today life. Open your mind but obviously please do let us know if there is anything you particularly dont like.

After the first dance, the first hour is really important. It’s the difference between the party starting properly with everyone up dancing and getting excited about the evening ahead or your guests deciding to go to the toilet, get a drink or go for a cigarette outside. If the first hour of the wedding goes off with a bang then that will set the scene for the night.

We can take requests but what we normally say is we only take requests if the request fits within the genre that we are playing. For example we wouldnt play a hip hop request in the middle of the disco section of the set. Sometimes of-course you might take a request and it’s the wrong tune for everyone else and you see the energy start to drop. We would notice this quickly and wouldn’t let that track play for too long. If the dance-floor energy does starts to drop we know what to do to get your friends and family back on that dance-floor. There are certain tunes that generally work every time.

Ultimately it’s your wedding reception and all we want is for you to have the best time ever.  We are here to help and give you as much advice as you would like so please do not hesitate to ask.

For inspiration please check us out are playlists - https://www.spin-sisters.co.uk/playlists

You can check out our DJ mixes on SoundCloud!



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