Fuzzilicious Fresh

Her Father and Aunty on her Fathers side both played guitar. And then an Uncle on her Mother's side excelling in Bongo. All of which led to Fuzi dabbling with playing guitar, drums, piano and singing. Both sides of her family enjoyed many a late night shakedown.

This progressed with constructing home made radio shows with her Cousins on a regular basis. Collecting vinyl after falling in love with music since the Deep Heat days, and vinyl bought for her by her Mother (the biggest Marvin Gaye fan on the planet) she was stealing her Parents vinyl with a range from Motown to The Police and would make mix tapes with vinyl and tape on tape dub to dub / emphasising on core pieces of song being repeated in between tunes.

In her Junior school there was a Friday lunchtime disco; 10p to get in.....You had to be in the last year to audition for DJ. Fuzi waited patiently for 4 years and of course bagged this position immediately playing Snap, Soul II Soul, Black Box, De LaSoul, you get the jist – it was on in the school music studio with children sweating their way back to class ooooeeee.

Her 1st Technic 12 10's came to her possession at the age of 18 after collecting vinyl from all over. With her help of a close friend at the time, Fuzi soon fell in love with the art of the turntables and has never looked back rocking many house parties.

In her mid 20's she attended Brighton's Accessto Music with her Hip Hop fanatical friend Cherry Fly Selector for 2 years studying Studio and Digital Production. This aided her 1st 'gigs' in actual clubs – the 1st being a night they promoted as part of their course in Brighton's infamous Volk's Tavern.

Since then her musical career has grown nonstop. Playing regularly at venues all over the UK including Ministry of Sound,Public Life, Big Chill Bar and Egg club.

She is still collecting vinyl although has moved towards embracing forms of digital music now playing a mix of records and cds but is not afraid to admit, no where near to wanting to DJ from a laptop! Wax is her passion.She has played in clubs and private events all over. Fuzi is a multi genre DJ at heart but does play 1 genre sets also i.e. Disco, Garage, Dub, Hip Hop, Tech House and Drum & Bass.

In 2013 after being told for a long time she could sing, Fuzi had built her confidence enough to be able to start writing acapella tracks and recording them herself.

Currently at her 5th track, she has worked with numerous amazing UK Producers turning her vocals into something spectacular.
The genres are house, Drum & Bass,Experimental and Soul.


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