Celebrating Excellence: SpinSisters - Award-Winning DJs

At SpinSisters, excellence isn't just a goal; it's our standard. We're thrilled to share our journey as multiple award recipients, recognised for our commitment to providing unparalleled DJ experiences.


Best Wedding DJ in the UK

Our dedication to crafting unforgettable wedding moments led us to clinch the prestigious title of ‘Best Wedding DJ in the UK’ in 2021 at the International Wedding Awards. It's an honour to be acknowledged for curating magical soundscapes that amplify the joy of every couple's special day.


Best Wedding Entertainment

The London Wedding Awards bestowed upon us the title of ‘Best WeddingEntertainment’ In 2020. This accolade celebrates our ability to transform wedding receptions into vibrant celebrations where music intertwines seamlessly with love and happiness.


Event Hire Service of the Year

Recognised at the Prestige Awards for London and the Southeast as the ‘EventHire Service of the Year,’ our commitment to excellence in event entertainment shines through. We take pride in delivering top-tier service that elevates every occasion.


Best Wedding DJ Hire Service - London Home Counties

SpinSisters won their fourth award in just three years, this year! ‘Best wedding DJ Hire Service’ at the Global Wedding Awards 2023. This meant so much to SpinSisters as we aim to give our clients a top customer service experience and nail every single gig, no matter what the event!


At SpinSisters, we’re more than just a DJ agency. We’re a team dedicated to delivering superior musical experiences paired with unparalleled customer service. Our DJs aren’t just selectors of songs; they’re curators of atmospheres, crafting sonic landscapes that resonate with the essence of your event.


We believe in personalising every performance, understanding the unique vibes and preferences of each client. Our DJs blend expertise with passion, ensuring seamless transitions between tracks and captivating moments that linger in the hearts of all attendees.


From weddings to corporate events, we curate musical journeys that transcend expectations. SpinSisters guarantees not just a service, but an experience – one that echoes the spirit of celebration and leaves indelible memories.


Experience the award-winning difference with SpinSisters. Contact us today, and let’s craft the perfect soundscape for your special occasion.

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