When should you book a Wedding DJ for a destination wedding?

So you are all set to get married, congratulations! Planning your wedding can be daunting, but the best thing you can do is to break down tasks into smaller, and manageable ones. As soon as you finalise the venue, you should then look to  book a DJ for your destination wedding. We usually come across a common question from various planners and couples: "When should the destination wedding DJ be booked? 

We always advise the following – if you are planning a destination wedding, it is best to have the DJ booked at least 6 months ahead of the day if you can. It's always worth asking if the gig is sooner but we do advise to book sooner rather than later. 

At SpinSisters we love to travel for our DJ gigs and feel honoured to have DJ'ed in several countries such as Italy, Spain, Majorca, Ibiza, Germany, Austria, Poland, Thailand, Amsterdam, Portugal, Malta, Azores, Poland, Switzerland, Florida, Sri Lanka, Croatia, Russia, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Norway, China, Maldives, India, Greece, Cyprus, Miami. Just name the location and we are willing to travel to do DJ gigs on your special day whether you need us for your Spain wedding as DJ or wish us to be part of your French wedding. Wherever you wish – we will have you covered!

As your destination wedding DJ, it will be our pleasure to learn more about your story and be part of the special day. So feel free to get in touch by filling out our booking form!

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