DJ Fabrizia

Hailing from northern Italy, DJ Fabrizia is a sonic alchemist, effortlessly blending passion, nostalgia, and cutting-edge beats into a mesmerising sonic journey. With over two decades of experience and a talent for crafting her own tracks, she's a formidable presence in the global music scene. Her journey began with classical music training, leading to an illustrious international DJ career that kicked off in 2004 and she produces also her own tracks

From the trendiest Shoreditch hotspots to the most luxurious West End venues, Fabrizia Corsi isn't just a DJ; she's a master conductor orchestrating unforgettable musical experiences. With residencies in some of London's most exclusive venues, including Hakkasan, Tattu, Aqua Kyoto, NYX, The Alchemist, Lucky Cat, the now old Ella Canta, Cafe de Paris, Chinawhite and Hilton Trader's Vic, as well as performances for renowned brands like the Italian Embassy, the Lithuanian Embassy, Several Buddha Bars across the globe, British American Tobacco, Bulgari, Moschino, Citroen, Victoria's Secret, Fabrizia's impact on the music scene knows no bounds.

While her roots lie in the house music realm in all its shades, Fabrizia's extensive experience performing in venues across the UK and around the globe has endowed her with a remarkably versatile repertoire.  She delights in playing open-format sets (Pop /RnB /EDM /Disco /Funk /Hip-Hop /Latin etc,) and also embraces specific music briefs showcasing her boundless creativity and adaptability. For instance, she's curated theme nights featuring electro swing, Arabic beats, Studio 54, Mexican tunes, Italian Pop, and even Ancient Roman Music! Whatever the theme, she's got it covered.

When playing her own style (House,Ibiza, jacking, melodic, tech, progressive organic and so on) from pulsating rhythms to ethereal melodies, Fabrizia's DJ sets transcend genre limitations, capturing the essence of both tradition and innovation. More than just a performer, she's a storyteller, using music to paint vivid memories on the dance floor. Infused with Italian warmth and flair, her sets leave an indelible mark on audiences worldwide.

Fabrizia is the DJ artist who will captivate your audience and leave them wanting more.

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