Planning the music for your wedding

From my experience, the best wedding receptions are the ones where you play a perfect variety of music and take the party on a musical journey through time. All the SpinSisters have DJ'ed in nightclubs; we can deliver very cool weddings, but we can also play typical cheesy stuff or do a mixture of both. All of us are very multi-genre DJs, and we can customise your set specifically for you.

When choosing the songs for your wedding, for a busy dance floor, we recommend picking songs that your guests will know, ultimately that is what is going to make them dance. Think about the song's speed, play it at home and see if that tune inspires you to dance. If it doesn’t then maybe that tune shouldn’t be in the dancing playlist of your wedding reception. You can add it to your drinks reception playlist instead. Of course, some slower tracks are epic, which makes people come together.

We can play approximately 20 tracks an hour, so that’s 80 tracks for a 4-hour wedding. You can send us as many or as few requests as you like, but not more than we can actually play. Please let us know any must-play songs and if there are any particular artists, genres or songs that you definitely do not want to be played. We also need to understand what your stance is on taking requests from your guests.

We would carefully customise your DJ set requests filling in the gaps with songs that match your taste. An example of a wedding setlist might look something like this.

Hour 1 - Funk, Disco & Soul

Hour 2 - Current Pop / Pop Classics

Hour 3 - Hip Hop, RnB

Hour 4 - House, Garage, Drum & Bass

This is an example; we can cater and customise the genres to match your tastes. We will always have a rough plan in place, but on the night one, if one of the genres clearly isn't working for the crowd, we will move on to the following genre quicker than planned. Also, if one of the genres is going exceptionally well, we might play that genre for a bit longer than initially planned.

Of course, there will always e exceptions, I have DJ'ed at smaller weddings where we have played purely dance music all night, and it has been epic. Still, I would say the rule of thumb is the more people you have at your wedding, the wider the variety of music you will need to keep up the energy on the dance floor.

Ultimately it’s your wedding reception, and all we want is for you to have the best time ever.  We are here to help and give you as much advice as you would like, so please do not hesitate to ask.

For inspiration, please check s out our playlists - https://www.spin-sisters.co.uk/playlists

You can check out our DJ mixes on SoundCloud!- SpinSisters Soundcloud / SpinSisters Mixcloud

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