SpinSisters' Top 10 Workout Tunes for January Fitness

As we embark on a fresh year, what better way to kick start your fitness journey than with a killer workout playlist curated by SpinSisters? Our DJs know the power of music to elevate your energy and motivation during workouts. Here are some tracks that will have you hitting those fitness goals with zeal:


1.    Dua Lipa - "Levitating (feat.DaBaby)"

This upbeat track with its infectious rhythm and catchy beats is perfect for getting into the groove of your workout routine.


2.    The Weeknd - "Blinding Lights"

A high-energy song that pumps up your adrenaline, making it ideal for cardio sessions or intense workouts.


3.    Rihanna - "We Found Love (feat.Calvin Harris)"

With its pulsating rhythm and empowering lyrics, this track is bound to keep you moving and motivated throughout your workout.


4.    Daft Punk - "Harder, Better, Faster,Stronger"

An iconic anthem for pushing through challenges during your workout. Its electronic beats keep your pace upbeat and energised.


5.    Lizzo - "Good as Hell"

Lizzo's empowering lyrics and upbeat tempo create a positive and uplifting vibe, making it perfect for boosting your mood during workouts.


6.    Mark Ronson - "Uptown Funk (feat.Bruno Mars)"

An energetic and funky track that brings a burst of enthusiasm to any workout session, setting a lively tone for your exercises.


7.    Kanye West - "Stronger"

The title says it all! Kanye West's motivational track with its pulsating beats is an ideal companion for those high-intensity workouts.


8.    Beyoncé - "Run the World(Girls)"

A power anthem that exudes strength and determination, perfect for powering through those challenging workout sets.


9.    Calvin Harris, Rag'n'Bone Man -"Giant"

This collaboration delivers a powerful and uplifting track that fuels your determination to conquer your fitness routine.


10.  ArianaGrande - "7 rings"

A catchy and empowering song that adds a dose of confidence and attitude to your workout, pushing you to give your all.


At SpinSisters, our DJs understand the synergy between music and exercise. These tracks are just a glimpse into the invigorating playlists we craft to enhance your fitness journey. Let the beats guide you to new heights of motivation this January.


Get ready to sweat, groove, and achieve your fitness goals with SpinSisters' curated workout tunes!

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